Durci Razor – GT3 concept

     My first 3D realized concept car :) After a long time I move from 2D to 3D. It took me 6 months from first sketch to final form, as you can see it now.


     After I’ve finished these sketches and finalise design in my head, I’ve asked FIREN 3D for a cooperation on this project. He is the man, who create an awesome 3D model of my 2D sketches without blueprints! After he was finished, I took 3D renders and made some graphic magic with them. At the end, I have to think about name – maybe the hardest part of whole project. I know the car will be powered by 4 rotor Wankel rotary engine. So ROTARY was good start base of the name. After a long hours of thinking (it really hurts me a lot), I’ve come with name RAZOR which will include 4 rotors in it.

     After all, CyberLogicProduction guys perfectly caught my ideas and visions about video and make this awesome trailer! (top of the page)

Then remained only to take it out of garage…

Razor PitOut

…and give him a ride of its life!

Razor onboard

If you are interested in, you can check our work in progress in this album. Thanks for your attention!