Ford Transit SuperVan

     I have this idea in my mind for a long time. I love styling of oldschool mk1 Supervan. There was some modern versions, but I love those oldschool fatty tyres. This was my inspiration for this modern reborn with oldschool parts. 
     Started somewhere in September 2016, made major updates as selecting tyres, wheels, bumper styling… (this stage you can see on progress image in portfolio). After that there comes a long long break, almost one and half year – work, family, living, etc.) But we are here, beginning of 2018 and I realise I need to finish this. It took me maybe 2 days to found new backgroud – compound of multiple images. Clean version was a little bit boring, so I comes with Ken Block styled design accorded to wheels, in this distorted and dirty livery. Hope u’ll like it, and I hope I will do more of this stuff this year :)

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