DURCI design si place, where automotive industry and art comes together to reach absolute harmony.


Automotive design is the reason why I’ve started working in graphic software in 2007. It’s all about to put your ideas to graphic renders. So…if you want to change rims, try some aero packet or fully custom bodykit do not hesitate and contact me.
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Livery design motivate me so much, because of my visions comes true. I specialize for racing liveries, but in portfolio you can see one company liveries too.
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Creating brand new vehicles or redesign the actual one is my favorite part of Durci design. Till now, I work only in 2D (sketches and renders). But now I join forces with Firen 3D and we can create 3D models and high quality renders.
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Now you are in the funniest part of my work. You’ll find there whatever you can/can’t imagine. From Pixar cars to miniatures, vector, t-shirt designs and other automotive graphic.
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